The Jamacha Project’s Electronic Press Kit

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The Jamacha Project – Biography

The Jamacha Project. The band is frequently asked, “What does Jamacha mean?” The word “Jamacha” (pronounced HAM-ə-shaw) is a Kumeyaay word meaning “wild gourd.” As often as the band members have been called wild gourds, or worse, the real connection to the name “Jamacha” comes from the east San Diego County community where the Project began. The one thing everyone had in common, besides making Southern California Rock and Soul music, was that Jamacha Road ran right through the area they live. In a way, Jamacha Road brought them together, mentally as well as physically.

Although all of The Jamacha Project’s members have been playing since they were kids the original members, Chris, Mark, and Rodger, set up the project. After Rodger moved on, Tom joined and Barry followed a bit later. All are excited by the creative freedom of the project. That’s why calling their band a “Project” was so important. Each member is encouraged to create original music in any genre while all the other members bring their extensive musical backgrounds and influences to the mix. It creates a unique sound, all their own, that is both memorable and fun to see live or listen to while cruising down the great American highway. The mixture of rock and soul, along with a Southern California flair are intricately woven together with thoughtful lyrics and tight harmonies. Just one listen to The Jamacha Project and you will be hooked.

You can catch The Jamacha Project playing various venues in Southern California. As lifelong residents they have supported meaningful causes that are close to their hearts. Over the years of playing music, creating friends and nurturing their families, their love of music is taking a front seat again and invite you along for the ride.

Be sure to visit The Jamacha Project’s website for updates on shows, music releases, social media, videos and more.


The Jamacha Project is the collaboration of four San Diego area musicians, each with many years of professional experience.  The group, recently recognized by the Independent Music Channel as Best Emerging Artist, is comprised of Barry Cogdill, Tom Williamson, Mark Phillips and Chris Anderson.  The Jamacha Project writes and performs original music that is an eclectic blend of Americana, rock, and blues, that features their distinctive instrumental work and rich vocal harmonies.


The Jamacha Project plays regular monthly gigs at the Hooley’s and La Mesa Wine Works.

They also play San Diego Rady’s Children’s Hospital annual Christmas party. The Jamacha Project is proud to give all of their T-shirt proceeds during the month of Dec to this amazing foundation.


Over the last four years The Jamacha Project has released nine original songs and are available to listen to at

Missionary’s Son – Released 2021 –

Snowman – Released 2019 –

The Meaning Inside – Released 2019 –

Love & Memory – Released 2019 –

Flightpath – Released 2019 –

Goldmine – Released 2018 –

Lights on the Harbor – Released 2018 –

What I Imagined – Released 2018 –

In the Country – Released 2017 –


(Newest Release)


Here is a video of The Jamacha Project playing their version of Silent Night for the holiday crowd:

They are currently working on a new music videos for fan favorites and new releases.           (619) 296-0115        Reverbnation: 

IG:  @jamacha_project      FB:        Soundcloud: