Snowman Released

Snowman Released

The story of a man who is too cool for his own good. But can he redeem himself in the end?

Mark Phillips – guitar and vocals
Tom Williamson – bass and vocals
Barry Cogdill – keyboards and vocals
Jim Buehl – cajon
Chris Anderson – composer, vocals and guitar

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Snowman, Snowman
How’d you get so cold Snowman?
Snowman, Snowman
How’d you get so cold Snowman?

Verse 1
Well you crawl out of bed with the setting sun
Cause the nighttime is when you like your fun
Put on your zoot suit from the secondhand store
Put on your shoes, walk out the door

Verse 2
Did your woman up and leave you in the middle of the night?
Cause you was out carousing with another man’s wife?
Or did you lose some money on a sure-fire bet?
Easy come, easy spent

Verse 3
Will your dog-eared copy of Soul on Ice
Inspire you to make a sacrifice?
To change your ways and be a better man
To take charge make a stand